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Signature Manager Version 1.3 - This application helps you to push e-mail signatures into mail 8.5.1+ databases of users specified by name or group. The basic principle is that you create one or more signature templates in this application. Each signature template contains a signature for Lotus Notes clients and for iNotes (DWA, Domino Web Access). When you apply the signature template, a prompt allows you to specify a different user/group or just accepting the [default] group as specified on the signature template document. A signature template contains the DXL and HTML signature that may contain formula mail-merge fields such as <@>@Name([CN];Fullname);. These fields can be used to look-up information from the relevant Person document. When the template is pushed out to the users, the formula is executed replacing it with its result, making the signature personal. Updating signatures can be done without end-user intervention. With 8.5.1 signatures are stored in profile documents in the mail database. This enables an administrator to push out a signature using this application.

Notes/Domino FileBrowser With this Lotus Notes/Domino application (.nsf) you are able to manage files on your local system and - even better - on a remote Domino server using only the standard NRPC protocol (port 1352). This will come in handy if you do not have access to the remote desktop of file system on the remote host. You can use it to upload SSL certificates, download NSD files, rename/move files (and databases) or create folders. Platform independed; the host OS can be anything from Linux, OS/400 or Windows. Currently this application supports; download; upload; rename/move; create folders and removing files/folders. You have access to the entire file system the way Domino has, in most cases including folders/drives outside the Domino data directory!

Admin4Notify Be honest, do you check your Lotus Domino' AdminP requestst periodically? In my opinion at least some admins don't. Well this simple application sends an e-mail to a specified user or group (administrators) at specified times if any administration requests are awaiting approval or are in error. The message contains a summary and document-links to requests in admin4.nsf. Specify server, recipient and subject in the profile document, sign the database and off you go. Notification (run) times are set using agent scheduling (Notes designer client required). Now, you never have to miss an ‘Approve Mailfile deletion’ request again!

extpwd This Lotus Notes/Domino Extension Manager DLL (Windows only) allows you to automatically provide a login password to Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino for multiple user id's. This means you can switch id's without typing a password! The password is supplied in a text-file specified in the notes.ini and can contain multiple name,password combinations. Include this dll in the notes.ini as ExtMgr_AddIns=extpwd.dll and specify the password-file via extpwdfile=X:\MyStore\extpwd.txt. The extpwd.txt file contains a single or multiple name,password lines like: CN=Administrator/O=Acme,S3cr3tP@ssw0rd. Do not include spaces for readability; the name is the text up-to the first comma and the password follows immediately after the comma.

OdbcDump OdbcDump is a simple lightweight Windows 32-bit command-line utility that exports data from any ODBC source (DB2, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc) to a XML file, comma separated file, tab separated file or semicolon separated file. Usage example:
OdbcDump \XML "AcmeSales.xml" "Acme" "select * from AcmeSales" - version 1.2

ShowArgs ShowArgs is a Windows 32-bit command-line utility that simply shows the commandline args and writes them to C:\ShowArgs.txt

nRunAgt nRunAgt is a Windows 32-bit command-line utility for Lotus Notes/Domino. With nRunAgt you can start a Lotus Notes Agent from a command-line or shell command. It is build to initiate a secondary agent from a primary agent so that the primary agent continues to completion - and realeases the containing database - before the secondary agent starts. Example: nRunAgt "DbName.nsf" "AgentName" [parm1 [parmx]] [=C:\PathTo\Notes.ini]

Birdy Birdy (v1.01) is a Windows 32-bit typing automation utility that is activated using the middle-mouse button. You can use Birdy to type-in frequently used phrases or account codes etc. You can even start other applications!

TpgPrint Windows 32-bit application for printing Ducth "TPG Verzenddocumenten". Address data can be read from a character separated file (tab, comma, semicolon).

SetLocale Windows 32-bit commandline utility to preset the input-locale and keyboard-layout to the language you specify. Use in login scripts to preset the locale (language).

RegkeyDT Windows 32-bit commandline utility that shows the date/time a registry key was last written to (NT/W2K...)

ExeBlock Blocks execution of programs based on their file location. Possible to create custom filters. Deny users to execute applications recieved or downloaded from the internet and f#%ck up the system!

TseInfo Windows 32-bit commandline utility for Terminal Server that shows: Username, Servername, Session-id and Client-HostName

WriteHost Windows 32-bit commandline utility that writes the [trimmed] hostname to any ini-like file you want. Build to write the client's hostname into IBM's Client Access Express 5250 WorkStationId

TseHost Windows 32-bit commandline utility that compares the Terminal Server Client Hostname with a given filter and returns ERRORLEVEL 1 if they match. Wildcards (*) are allowed for the namefilter. (Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition)

WriteTseHost Windows 32-bit commandline utility that writes the [trimmed] Terminal Server CLIENT Hostname to any ini-like file you want. Build to write the TSE Client's hostname into IBM's Client Access Express 5250 WorkStationId

TseCount Windows 32-bit commandline utility that counts the number of open Terminal Server Sessions for the current user and returns this value as an ERRORLEVEL. This utility can be used to limit the number of TSE sessions a user can start. (Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition)

SafeLock Windows 32-bit commandline utility that displays the message text given at commandprompt and logs-off user the hard way (Win9x). Warning: no futher command line options; run it and be logged off.

NetDial Windows 32-bit Enable all your Windows users on the network to quickly dial telephone numbers from any application (including webpages and DOS applications) using one central modem. Remove security sensitive modems from your client PC's and even give them exta functionality! The client application resides in the systemtray and is able to access number on clipboard or in selected text. The server application is normal win32 application (no service). Possible to block/allow specific numbers using filters and NT user groups. Version 1.0

MsProxy Windows 32-bit commandline utility to Enable/Disable Microsoft Proxy 2.0 client from [login]scripts. * Version 1.0 *

Csv2Notes Converts character seperated files to 'Notes structured text' files. Handy for converting contact information from all kinds of programs to Lotus Notes contact information. (Windows 9x/NT)

AclMgr Utility to change the ACL of a Lotus Notes (

SetNumLock Windows 32-bitSets the NumLock key to on at Windows NT; the Windows NT reghack to turn NumLock on at login doesn't seem to work on WBT's.

SyncDir Windows 32-bit commandline utility to Synchronize directories, optional to delete orphans. Compare files using date/time or existance only.

mmf Windows 32-bit commandline utility to inject files/folders from a managed source folder into the users Desktop or Start menu. Files in the source folder may be protected by ACL's; the are simply removed from the target folder if such an ACL results in an access denied.

User Windows 32-bit commandline utility that lets you perform choices upon username in login scripts.

NetSend Windows 32-bit commandline utility to send network pop-up messages from the command prompt

DiskImg Create/restore disk images from 1.44 Mb disks. Handy utility to create DOS boot disks quickly from your master image. Futher, with this utility you are able to duplicate Apple Macintosh disks on a PC! - MS-DOS utility, Windows compatible.

TestCom MS-DOS only, check/retrieve current com-port IRQ settings.

Hard-RST MS-DOS, hardware reset printers on LPT1 or LPT2

KeyIn MS-DOS, put up to 15 keys in the keyboard buffer; push keys to be typed in.